Saturday, April 19, 2008


I am really happy to publish "300MB MOVIES" in my blog. The main aim of this project is to allow RS free users, low bandwidth users, people with a slow internet connection or the ones who want movies to take less space on there hard drive to download movies which look great and are small in size.
I will generally be updating this topic every once in a while with new movies, I will be focusing towards movies in 2007 and all NEW movies that come out this year. 300 MB movies will only be hollywood movies.

Have a movie request? Then feel free to post it here and I will do my best to complete the request (Just make sure that it came out in 2007 or later).

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Note : Please read the disclaimer before downloading.


Anonymous said...

can i have pirates of the carribean all the 3 parts via rapidshare in the same size of 300mb????

if so please upload the links....

ana said...

are those mp4 movies ?

ana said...

are those mp4 movies ?

Admin said...

the format is not mp4. all the movies are in .mkv format playable in vlc player.
i will upload the links of pirates of the carrabean-3. i dont have the links for 1,2 of 300 mb

arifuddin said...

i need singh is kinng movie. please help me.

Anonymous said...

camp rock, please?

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